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It all started with creating product for "me" that developed into a product that could be used by anyone anywhere. It is adjustable, customizable and portable!

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The Who, What, Where When and Why Story
by Laney Arterburn
      Life happens! Have you ever heard that saying? Well, life happened to me October 2017, I crashed but not burned although certainly felt like it. What to do? Lean on family and friends (hard to do when you have always been the rescuer or helper). 68 years old and the next thing I know I moved from Montana to Idaho not knowing what to do next – praise the Lord for family and friends. After a couple of months of “grieving” I made the decision to rescue me by taking a road trip across the U.S. for God to show me the next chapter in my life – out of every negative there is a positive – which has always been my moto in life! Now was the time to find the “positive”!

      Before heading out across the U.S. I had to get organized, that meant figuring out where to put my “stuff” that was in opening (cubie hole) in front of the shifter and in my cupholder (like loose change) and identify what was most important to have readily available on my trip, e.g., readers, ink pen, emery boards, straws (I like to drink my coffee from a straw when driving – guaranteed not to spill coffee on me that way), etc.  Oh yes, cannot forget the tissue box that always managed to be on the floor in front of the passenger’s seat that constantly being smashed from being stepped on and creating dirty Kleenex that needed to be tossed.

     What I wanted was an organizer type cover to drape over both sides of the console (technically the transmission area in front of the shifter) that could be easily carried in and out of my RAV without taking items out of the organizer into a hotel. I could not find anything that matched what I wanted online or in stores so, I created the “Anywhere Saddlebags” organizer that draped over both sides of the console of my RAV with pockets for easy access to those SMALL items I wanted when I wanted them and portable (could take into a hotel with ease), and a tissue box holder to ensure Kleenex’s were accessible and clean; a real PLUS for my trip.  Problem solved!

     To my surprise, what I designed for me became my first prototype without knowing it. Family, friends, and people across the states (during my trip), wanted one for their vehicle. Upon my return to Boise, I began the research and development process mid-June 2018 designing my Anywhere Saddlebags organizers. I did a soft launch in 2019-2020 – “proof of concept” phase, and now bringing my problem-solving organizers to YOU online and in local events in the Boise, Idaho area so you too can put those small items at our fingertips when needed and wanted, anywhere (vehicle, couch, recliner, stroller, walker, mobility scooter, etc.). 

     I made each panel  interchangeable; one size does not fit all – mix and match for YOUR want or need, be creative.

     Thank you for letting me share the beginning of my next chapter; when God closes one door, He always opens another – Anywhere Saddlebags!


Laney Arterburn, 

Founder, Anywhere Saddlebags

Maxi small bike handlebar bag organizer
Maxi stroller handlebar organizer
Maxi sofa arm rest organizer

Your items right where you want them when you need them

Stop scrambling or misplacing your reading glasses, remote controllers, phone chargers etc… Get an Anywhere Saddlebag today and you’ll have what you need right at your fingertips every time!

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