Each panel and straps are designed with Velcro to connect any two panels to be draped over the console area – see photos on Home Page.

Weight distribution can be controlled by using the Velcro self-adhesive hooks (on the Shop page under Accessories) on one or both sides of the console to stabilize shifting of the Anywhere Saddlebags organizer. We suggest cleaning the side of the console with rubbing alcohol or safe solvent to ensure good connection.

Yes. You can go strapless! Apply the Velcro self-adhesive hooks (on the Shop page under Accessories). Suggest wiping the console area with rubbing alcohol or a safe solvent to remove the massive amour-all to ensure a solid connection of the hook’s adhesive.

The Velcro panel on the back of each organizers panel allows for multiple configurations by repositioning the straps (Velcro ends) to fit the desired location; wider, narrower, longer, or shorter.

Yes. All the Anywhere Saddlebags organizer panels are interchangeable.

One way is to hang the Tissue Box Holder from the rods of the passenger headrest. When the passenger seat is vacant the Tissue Box is in front and easily accessible. When the passenger seat is occupied just slide the Tissue Box off to the side or to the back of the passenger seat thus keeping it from being on the floor and getting stepped on BUT still accessible.

Tuck the two (2) ends of the two (2) straps under the seat cushion to ensure the organizer will stay in place and leaves the seating area for sitting.


Note: Depending on the width of the arm of the couch/recliner, you may need to purchase two (2) 24” straps (on the Shop page under Accessories) as the 18” straps that come with each panel may not be long enough.

It is best to use two panels (2- 44 panels or 1-44 and 1-coin panel) with a double-sided hook (on the Shop page under Accessories) affixed between the two panels draped over the handlebar to keep the panels from swinging freely.

Yes, if your bicycle’s handlebar support unit (stem) is not too long.

First, if the dog is not used to a harness, he/she will not take kindly to having the organizer on his/her back. If using on a dog four (4) straps are highly recommended. Two (2) straps connected to the organizer panels draped over the back of the dog, one (1) strap for his/her chest (to keep the organizer from sliding off when the dog sits) and one (1) for his/her under belly for stabilization. Keep in mind, the length of the additional straps depends on the size of your dog. We sell 18” and 24” straps.

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